Roman holiday Residence

Rome, Italy

Roman holiday Residence

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Luxury vacation rental penthouse apartment - 1 bedroom – 2 bathrooms with shower – Sleeps max 5 + 1 baby cot
Living/dining room – kitchen – private terrace

Rome, Camilluccia, Italy

Vacation Rental Amenities & Permissions

On site: 70 sqm Private terrace, autonomous air-conditioned bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine
Local: near to major bus lines to centre and to subway, in front of “Parco di Montemario”
Permissions: Children are welcome with facilities - ASK for pet - NO Smoking. 

Vacation Rental  Rates daily (minimum 3 days stay) in € EURO:

€ 110/120 for 2 people
€ 150 for 3 people
€ 180 for 4 people
Reduction for children and for a week or more. Monthly rates available upon request

Roman Holiday Residence

 An elegant 90 sq. meters penthouse apartment (fourth floor) located in an elegant residential Roman neighborhood. In a private closed street (parking).  Luminous, comfortable, quiet, elegantly furnished with antiques, and with marble floors, newly restored.
The terrace. In the large terrace 70sqm , with a panoramic view, you can enjoy sunny alfresco dining and romantic moonlit nights.  

The apartment is an elegant and comfortable accommodation for a family.  Amenities include: color TV,  central heating, autonomous air-conditioned bed room, linen, refrigerator/freezer, gas stove with electric oven, American and Italian coffee maker, dishes, pots and pans, etc., hairdryer, washing machine and iron/ironing board. Entry phone for access to building; elevator.

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The residence is well connected by buses to the historic centre, and to Vatican and St. Peter’s. Two km away from the Foro Italico, where major sport events take place, like the Rome ATP MASTER SERIES (tickets available at Tretinoin cream usp 0.1 price). Three km away from the Auditorium “Parco della musica”, where important concerts and great music shows play every day; more information available at  Can you buy zoloft online and For other shows in Rome see Drug stores that deliver in nyc or Buy prednisolone tablets online. 20 minute subway ride. 1 hour go-train ride to Leonardo da Vinci airport.

Close to local shopping:  supermarket, 24-hour pharmacy, bakeries, roman bars and excellent restaurants.  The apartment is located in front of “Parco di Monte Mario”, a very beautiful green area with panoramic walks.

 The apartment is serviced before and after rentals.



 Sleeping Accommodations, Roman Holiday Residence

 We welcome up to 2/5 guests and 1 child at our luxury vacation rental apartment, with:

-    1 master bedroom with double bed or twin beds +1 cot
-    1 sofa bed for two people and 1 chair bed for one people (in living-room)
-    2 bathrooms with shower

Onsite Amenities (Included or available from Vacation Rental Owner)

Special: Private terrace off comfortable living/dining area, air-conditioned bed room, furnished with antiques and original art work

-    Full size refrigerator/freezer                -    Washing machine
-         Iron/Ironing board                             -   Hairdryer
-         Color TV                                           -  China/glass ware
-     Electric-Oven and Gas-stove               -  Bed linens
-         Coffee/tea-urn                                    -  Bath linens
-         Toaster                                              -  Towel linens

Nearby Services & Amenities

- Shopping                  - Banks                       - Super market            - Groceries
-  Cinema                    - Medical Services        - Restaurants               - Coffee-house
- Post Office                - Church                     - Pizzeria                     - Pastry-shops

Tourism and Italian cooking lessons

You’ll find here free: maps, tourist information and the notice of the most important Roman shows and performances.
Italian cooking lessons and custom guided tours of Rome and surrounding areas available upon request for reasonable fee.